At the bottom of this page is a list of cults opperating in Australia together with links to important information. I'll reprint it here - Cults in Australia But read this introduction first.

Hello, I'm Douglas McCartney ( Twice in my life I've experienced the madness of cult exploitation. The first time it was an Eastern cult that convinced millions of simpletons to worship a teenage guru who was supposed to be Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha all rolled into one. The second time it was Scientology and boy, was I lucky to escape that one!

All religions begin life as cults. When Jesus was traipsing around Israel with twelve disciples and a devoted hippy chick, he was launching a cult. Decades after his death his ministry remained a cult. In the year 305 - at the Council of Nicea - the Emperor Constantine formalised the cult and pronounced it the state 'religion'. Everybody was forced to believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost - The Holy Trinity. Anyone who failed to believe was driven into the desert to die. So the best way to describe the difference between a cult and a religion is to say that a religion is a cult awarded a government seal of approval.


The three main cults operating in Australia are Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and Scientologists, all of which claim they are genuine religions. But they each display the characteristics of a cult. For example, they each drive a wedge between followers and their friends and families. The followers must either convert friends and relatives to the cult, or separate from them.

Since creating this web site another cult has come to my notice - The Providence Church. It's a South Korean cult run by a convicted rapist called Jeong (or Jung) Myeong-seok. Or Father Joshua. Or Jesus Morning Star. This cult has grown massively in recent years and its main target is pretty young girls. Avoid it like the plague!

There is another huge cult operating in Australia - The Brethren - or the Plymouth Brethren as they now prefer. But you're unlikely to be harassed by them because they prefer their victims to be born into the cult. The Brethren might be more accurately described as a sect rather than a cult because they are a breakaway group from mainline Christianity, unlike Jehovah's Witnesses who see Jesus as a low-rent preacher called Michael rather than a fair-dinkum Christ.


Cults want your money and your brain! They are run by clever rogues who know how to exploit gullible people. Over decades they have learned how to suck victims dry financially while draining their brains of resistance. Within months of joining a cult you will be putty in their hands. You will agree to work for them as an unpaid serf. If you are gainfully employed you will hand part or all of your earnings over to them. You will be deprived of sleep and oblivious to the creeping evil that has befallen you. You will be slavishly paying homage to their chosen idol, be it a deity or a human superman. Within a few short months you will have surrendered your reasoning faculty. You will be a grovelling, slobbering slave to the cult.

But here's the thing, you will be doing it with a smile on your face because part of your training will be to recruit other suckers to the cause and you can't achieve that if you allow your misery to show. So, if you're contemplating joining a cult, practice smiling. No matter how miserable or wretched you feel - SMILE!

The purpose of this web site is to save you from making the worst mistake of your life. On the next page are some links to web sites and YouTube videos informing you of the true nature of the myriad cults that seek to exploit and destroy you. Check them out. I wish you a happy and contended life, a life free from cult brain washing and destruction.

Douglas McCartney

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Cults in Australia