More than 90% of the world's population is under one kind of mind control or another. Australians aren't quite as gullible as our American cousins but we're pretty damned close. People savvy enough to see through Christian nonsense often fall victim to one of hundreds of cults spreading across the land like toxic cane toads.

Raised to believe that a corpse – a zombie, dead for three days – sprang back to life and has the key to eternal joy or eternal damnation, it's not surprising that people whose reasoning faculty was breached in infancy fall for any old twaddle that comes their way. They have no defence against superstitious nonsense.

What we're doing here is promoting web sites and YouTube videos that expose cults as predatory frauds. If you know anyone who has been approached by a cultist, direct them to this web site and encourage them to do further research. You could be saving them from a lifetime of misery and fear. Over to the right of the YouTube videos you will generally find still more videos on the same subject as the video you are viewing. Check those out too.

People are most at risk from cult propaganda when they start to doubt the religion they were born into. The doubt creates a vacuum and they become desperate to fill it with something – anything! Along come disciples from the 'Temple of the Holy Turnip Wombles' with a message of salvation. They smile a lot. In fact they never stop smiling because they have what is known as the "ultimate truth". All you have to do is attend a meeting and you too can share in the joy and the ecstasy of ultimate truth.

They won't tell you what happens to you once you're hooked. They are like happy heroin addicts encouraging you to stick a needle in your arm and experience the joy.

Soon you're hooked and you are paying a fortune for the ultimate truth. You pay money. You surrender your freedom. You surrender your mind! You say goodbye to friends, relatives and other loved ones because they are holding you back from 'communion with the divine'. Before long you're contemplating suicide.

But now it's your turn to evangelise. You must knock on doors, stop people in the streets, hand out leaflets, and above all – keep smiling!

Here we've mentioned just a few of the more common cults that you're likely to encounter in Australia and New Zealand but there are new ones cropping up all the time. We've also included a link to Killer Cults because several Australians have died at the hands of deadly 'magic men'.

May I leave you with my favourite quote? It was suggested by a wise old Indian man who spoke a great deal of sense and despite his evocative name refused to have a following of any kind. He became known as the anti-guru, guru.

"The mind gives meaning to anything, but the meaning it gives is meaningless."

J. Krishnamurti

If you'll allow that to sink in, and really grasp the meaning of what he's telling you, you won't fall for the myriad of evil, manipulative cults that you're likely to encounter.

Douglas Bruno McCartney