We need to take a new look at Islam in Australia. Opinions are split equally right down the middle. On one side we've got the loopy left saying that Muslims are just like the Italians, Greeks, Chinese and Vietnamese, all of whom were public enemy-number-one for a while but they soon intergrated into Australian society.

The other thing we're told is that Isis and Al Queda terrorists are not "real" Muslims. True Muslims are moderates who just want to live in peace.

Lastly we're told that at just 2.5% the population of Australia, Muslims will never dominate Australian society. Apparently Shariah law doesn't stand a chance. In my opinion, all three propositions are wrong. Woefully wrong.


People who disagree with such views are called racists, haters, extremists, bigots and Islamophobes. And of course, some of the opposition probably are like that, but certainly not all. The people I associate with are good, kind and caring people; mums and dads who simply want to retain the Australian way of life as we've known it this past hundred years or so. What I plan to do is form a 'GetReal' society that challenges the view that anti-Islam people are loudmouthed bullies and bogans. Rather we are sane, caring, sensible and law-abiding citizens.


Already we have the 'Q Society' but the problem there is its shameful pro-Israel stance, which suits some people but certainly not me. It is the stumbling block that may prevent some people joining 'GetReal' and that's a shame because in every other respect we are probably on the same page.

There is as much fake information about Jews and Israel as there is about Muslims and Islam. 'GetReal' will fairly and honestly confront establised and politically-correct beliefs. Anyone who insists that Israel is blameless for global terrorism is ill informed. Very briefly, since 1947 Zionists have been driving Palestinians off their land, bulldozing their homes and burning their orchards. Israeli Nazis insist that "God" gave the land to them, and Palestinians are a non people who have no legal claim to the land. A bit like the British view that Australia was terra nullis.

The ZioNazi war against Palestinians

This isn't the time or place for a history lesson but I have to clear up some major misconceptions. Hebrews (Jews) were NOT the original inhabitants of Canaan/Palestine. Check the Old Testament and you will notice that the Hebrews waged war against numerous races and tribes of people whose land it was. Most of the original inhabitants were slaughtered but the New Testament attests to the fact that at least the Canannites and Samaritans survived the genocide. Then, in 70AD, when the Romans drove the Jews out of Canaan - renamed Israel and Judah - the original inhabitants repopulated the land. When the Jews returned after World War Two – almost two thousand years later! – they resorted to the bully tactics they learned from the Nazis. Thousands of Palestinians were murdered and many more were driven into the Gaza strip or Lebanese refugee camps.


Let me make it clear that not all Jews are Zionists. Millions of Jews oppose Netanyahu and the Nazi right of Israel. But Zionists learned from the Nazis how to dispossess people of their homes and land. They saw nothing wrong in murdering thousands of innocent civilians. The believed and still belive they have a moral duty to drive 'aliens' from the land they consider to be theirs. The genocide goes on to this day. ZioNazis are the ones who kicked the hornets nest and caused the Islamic terrorism we experience today. Think back to 1970 and the Palestine Liberation Army. Think back to the Munich Olympic Games. Think back to 9/11 2001. In every case Muslims seeking revenge for ZioNazi atrocities. I am not pro Islam but I think a hint of a whiff of honesty comes in useful sometimes.

Before ISIS and before Al Quaeda there was the Palestine Liberation Army. In 1970 four planes were hijacked by the Palestine Liberation Army and three of them were detonated in a Jordanian desert. In 1975, during the Munich Olympic Games, the PLA kidnapped and killed eleven Jewish athletes. Of course it was a heinous crime but ask yourself, how would you react if your family was murdered and your ancestral home was stolen? Several more acts of terror occurred until in 2001 the USA suffered the big one. Almost three thousand people died.

Of course there are conspiracy theories about 9/11 being an "inside job" but all I'll say about that is, tell me how it was done and I'll sell the idea to genuine demolition companies for millions of dollars and I'll share the money with you. Trust me, I'm an honourable man. If you can explain how a team of Ninja warriors could sneak into massive skyscrapers during a weekend and – without being detected – toss a few sticks of TNT around and bring three buildings crashing down, we can both share in the bounty.


It's unimportant whether you're right or I'm right, there is a bigger issue at stake here, so stay tuned. President George W. Bush said the murderers did it because they hated freedom. That was utter bullshit. They did it to punish the USA for its financial and military support of Zionist Israel. After 9/11, an Al Quaeda spokesman had this to say –

Al Qaeda co-founder, inspiration for Osama bin Laden - Ayman al-Zawahri - referring to the 9/11 attacks.
ABC Internet News 9/11/2003

"We will not let America enjoy security until security becomes a fact in Palestine."

"What you have seen so far is nothing but the opening skirmishes."

"As to the real epic, it has not started yet prepare yourselves to pay for your crimes."

"The United States has killed our women and children, plundered our resources and backed tyrants in our nation. If you insist on carrying on the aggression, you should expect us to retaliate with every available means."


In his mind at least, Al Quaeda had destroyed the World Trade Center in revenge for America's support of Israel's brutal treatment of Palestinians. Despite this, Israel continues to kick the hornets' nest and every western country is paying the price.

Now whether you agree with my assertions or not is unimportant here. If you believe 9/11 was an inside job – no worries – I'm not going to argue with you. What matters, and what this web site is all about, is dealing fairly but firmly with the Muslim immigration problem. Problem it is, and worse problem it will become in future years. I plan to form a coalition of genuinely concerned people who are cool, calm and collected. We will not be marching in the streets. We will not be wrapping ourselves in the Australian flag, drinking beer and yelling "Fuck off Paki bastards!"

Our modus operendi will be to educate the public. Referring back to my earlier notes, we shall - 1. Point out that Muslims will NEVER assimilate like other migrants did because they are under orders from their fuhrer NOT to assimilate. 2. We will inform people that Isis killers and Al Quaeda killers are the REAL Muslims. They are the ones who obey Muhammad. Those calling themselves moderate and who want to live in peace are disobeying him. Just check the Qur'an link. Islam is a bloody mass murdering religion. always has been and always will be. We must stop fooling ourselves that it is otherwise.


Everything you need to know about "moderate" Muslims

Well, not quite. The myth of "moderate" Muslims

I'm told that I'm playing with fire mentioning that killers, bombers and mass murdering butchers are the true Muslims but the truth is, Muslims already know it. Their peaceful posture is temporary. They are biding their time, lying to us, waiting 'til they have the numbers to dominate us. If you doubt that, explain why moderate Muslims ignore radical bookshops in their communities that are selling pro-Jihad books and DVDs to their young people. When their children become radicalised they feign surprise and disappointment but they stood by doing nothing for decades while radicalisation took place before their very eyes – in their mosques and in their shopping centres. At best they are neutral, prepared to look the other way while atrocities take place. Neutrals are a waste of space on the planet. They are irrelevant. Check the link marked 'German Experience' and you'll learn all you need to know about neutrals, or moderates as they like to be known.

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor"

Bishop Desmond Tutu


Which brings me to 3. Muslims will become the dominant religion in Europe and Australia within three generations. Anyone who understands the power of compound mathematics can work it out for themselves. Consider – group one is 97.5% the population with a birth rate of 1.5 children per couple. Group two is 2.5% the population with a birth rate of at least five children per couple. Group one starts dying out right from the start while group two thrives and flourishes.

[Imagine a breed of animal that can produce only one or two young in a lifetime. We'll call them Numans. Two pairs of Numans produce between them just three babies. Put 98 of those Numans on an island, and two chimpanzees – male and female. Return to the island sixty years later and you would discover the island over-run with chimanzees while the Numans are drastically reduced in numbers. After four generations just 42 Numans left and hundreds of chimpanzees. OK, not an exact science but you get the picture.]


"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Within three generations Muslims in the West will be so numerous and so powerful they will demand and GET Shariah law which includes the murder of women accused of adultery, the murder of homosexuals (includes transgenders and bisexuals), the murder of Jews, Christians, atheists and other "infidels", and the mutilation of anyone accused of theft. A woman's testimony is worth half that of a man's. A woman will inherit half that of her brother. Women are put on Earth to serve men. Even in death, her role in 'paradise' is to serve men sexually and in every other way. Especially if she died while really young.

Custom dictates that little girls have their genitals slashed and mutilated. Custom dictates that they may be sold and raped from the age of nine. If they are Shia Muslims they may be used for masturbatory sex from the age of one but not actually penetrated til the age of nine. Custom dictates that any girl or young woman who shames the family in any way must be 'honour killed'. Is this really what you want for future generations of children and adults? Oh, and are you an animal lover? Dogs are filthy creatures that must be killed on sight, while cows, sheep and goats must be slaughtered in the most agonising way possible. It's Halal – Hell for Animals.

Now you might argue, reasonably so, that by preventing Muslims from entering Auatralia – or whichever Western country – it won't make a scrap of difference to the barbarism practiced in Islamic countries. True, but so long as we in the West remain humane and compassionate we have a chance of one day influencing the Islamic world. Once we've been sucked into the Shariah vortex and become part of the problem, there will be no hope for the world. It will be like Hitlers Nazis winning World War Two. There will be no turning back, no return to the good old days of kindness and compassion. I exaggerate not.

It is our job to eductate the public. We are not into screaming and shouting and behaving like ruffians. We are civilised, educated, peace-loving citizens who simply want to see our children and grandchildren grow up in a society based on the best of Christian and humanitarian values. In other words, we stand for kindness, justice, and fair go. The Westminster system of justice - though far from perfect – is the best there is for the time being – and any attempt to replace it with the barbaric practice of Shariah will be opposed massively.

Douglas McCartney